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Dennis Franco is a multi instrumentalist, and audio engineer from seattle, washington. His interest in music began at the age of 12 when he stumbled on a performance by ACDC on Saturday Night Live.  He was blown away by Angus Young ripping on the guitar, " I was captivated, and mind blown!" he knew then that he wanted to pick up the guitar. He decided to teach himself with songs like "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath and "Crazy Train", which was written and played by one of his biggest guitar heros to this day- Randy Rhodes.


taking a lot of influence from the 80s metal music he grew deeper into the genre.

Later he started to delve into heavier music.  Such as Megadeth and Slayer, which eventually led to his interest in extreme metal.  That's when he discovered bands like Children of Bodom, Dissection, Kalmah, Watain and Hypocrisy to name a few that had a huge impact on him.  


In 2006 Dennis joined his first band: a melodic death metal band called Dark Spectrum.  He got to open shows for bands like Goat Whore, Death Angel, and Mortitian.  In 2012 Dennis joined a black metal band originally founded in Mexico and relocated to Chicago called Ancient Gods.  In 2016 he parted ways with Ancient Gods, and moved to the west coast where he is now currently in a Industrial Metal Band called TORSO and a Tech-Deth Metal Band called Nihilist, both located in the Greater Seattle Area.


"I have always dreamed of writing an instrumental album.  Where I am able to have full control over the creative process, and I'm happy to say that I have taken serious steps towards that goal.  I am currently working on my Solo Instrumental Album: A World Withering Away.  Stay Tuned!"


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